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5 Ways to Alignment in 5 Minutes or Less

Hello my dear Younicorns! I’m so glad you’re here, and super excited to talk with you about a topic that’s made a huge impact on my life: Getting in alignment. 

I did write a little about this on the Younicorn Food Facebook page and on the Instagram feed, but it’s one of those things that I could go on and on about - so let’s chat! If you’ve dabbled at all in the self-development or mindfulness community I’m sure you’ve heard people talking about having “alignment time” or being in or out of alignment in one way or another. What they’re talking about specifically is being aligned with your higher and truer self. It’s the first step to using your Intuition, practicing mindfulness, and creating white space for something great to happen.

(You can go back to my post on the ego here where I very lightly touch on the subject of our duality but basically, there are two of us going on in our noggins at the same time. One is the ego - the voice in your head. One is your true self - the voice in your heart. Or stomach, some people say they feel their higher self in their gut and that you’re either a gut person or a heart person. If that’s true, then I am most definitively a heart person.) 

Photo by: Chelise Renee Photography

Photo by: Chelise Renee Photography

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefits are of being in this state of alignment and I can only speak from what I’ve experienced, of course, but honestly it’s pretty much the same as everything that I’ve read about it and heard about it from other people’s experiences. Everything sort of seems easier, it all flows. There seems to be less resistance as I’m going through my day, and my mind is a whole lot quieter. And when my mind is quieter and I’m free to enjoy the moment is when the real magic happens. That’s basically my goal throughout the entire day…how can I quiet this voice in my head and be in the moment? The idea is that if you are truly taking a moment and doing something that you and your higher self both agree is awesome - that you get a little power boost! Sort of like the wind is at your back. Your in a lazy river flowing downstream. Things seem easier and more peaceful than they otherwise would.  

I don’t want to make it seem easy, because it’s not exactly. Life happens. Especially when you’re a parent and your entire day hinges on whether or not you can get the toddler to nap so you can have a cup of coffee - finding alignment is not easy. It’s not easy in the winter when the sun is a stranger and everything seems cold and damp and unending. It’s not easy when your kids are screaming or you have that terrible cough that’s been going around or you’ve had a rough month financially. It’s certainly not easy. 

But it’s do-able. And worth it. And like anything, especially anything with a spiritual component it takes practice and patience. But I have good news! You can do it! Here are my 5 ways to alignment in 5 minutes or less. Give one or all of them a try if they catch your eye, or maybe it will spark an idea for something you can do for yourself. We are all unique individuals with unique preferences, that’s why Lady Gaga was born to perform music and William Turner was born to paint and my husband was born to write code. Alignment is going to look different for everybody, but we have to start somewhere.


#1) Turn off the news and put on some music.

I got totally turned on to bossanova songs from reading something on The Skinny Confidential. Oh my gosh if you haven’t experienced Lauryn Evarts she is a trip and also sometimes I think we’re best friends and get sad when I remember that….she doesn’t know me. Here is her playlist which is great and a mix of bossanova and other good stuff. But if I’m being honest usually I just say “Alexa, play Bossanova” and she just picks something random for me. I feel like I’m in the lobby of a fancy hotel but it’s really just my dirty kitchen! Listening to music instead of listening to the news has been a life changer by itself, but to get alignment out of music, don’t just have it on in the background but really close your eyes and listen. And dance, of course.

Alignment. Mindfulness. Meditation. Present.


#2) Get a special drink.

I definitely do this everyday. Usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It varies on the type of drink but it’s always something “special” aka not cold coffee. I have been making a lot of tea lattes lately (tutorial anyone?), coffee mixed with cocoa (ohhhhhh fancy much?) or mini Costco kombuchas mixed with sparkling water. Similarly with the music, sit down and sip your drink. Notice how great it tastes, how warming it is, how relaxed you feel. I will also buy myself a Starbucks from time to time and this works for me as well.

Alignment. Be Present. Present moment. Meditation. Mindfulness. Manifest.


#3) Diffuse Citrus

My friend got me a diffuser for Christmas and I have been using it in the mornings with a few drops of grapefruit oil and holy cow, it’s awesome. The grapefruit really is uplifting and refreshing, good vibes all around. This is the diffuser I was gifted and this is the oil I bought myself, I use 2-3 drops. Love them both. Put on your music and spend a few minutes breathing in this stuff and it’s fool-proof alignment. 

Alignment. Be Present. Present moment. Meditation. Mindfulness. Manifest.


#4) Light a candle

I read somewhere recently, honestly it was probably some sort of motivational quote from instagram, but that you should never light a candle without setting an intention for it. I love that. How do you want to feel after you light this candle? Just something to think about. Want to feel less stressed? Want to clear the air? Change the energy? Use a match. Light a candle that you’re crazy about. And maybe sip your fancy hot cocoa coffee with it (wink wink).

Alignment. Be Present. Present moment. Meditation. Mindfulness. Manifesting.


#5) Call a friend and listen.

Call a friend. Call your mom. Call your sister. With your voice. Really the point of this exercise in alignment is to take yourself out of your own head by listening to somebody else, and really listen. This is hard for me, I’m a talker, and I feel like my brain is always running on a treadmill when I’m trying to listen - but it’s something that I’m working on. It’s also hard with little kids underfoot because it’s always chaos up in my house. But it feels good to listen and REALLY listen to somebody, and really, how often does someone just call you up and say “Hey I was just wanting to know how you’re doing, tell me everything!” It feels good on both ends. When you get off the phone just soak in that energy for a minute, it feels good to connect.

Alignment. Be Present. Present moment. Meditation. Mindfulness. Manifesting.


Those are my 5 tips at the present! And if something does the trick one day and it doesn’t the next that’s totally fine. Just honor yourself. I went through a phase around Thanksgiving when I was listening to Miles Davis and cooking and it was making me SUPER happy, but now when I put on jazz it feels too chaotic, so I stopped. The point is to do something for yourself, in the moment, and to stay put in that moment for a minute.


Let me know what you think! Also some big change are coming to the site so stay tuned. I hope you like the new logo, it’s more “Younicorn” don’t you think? Also if you’re reading the blog please sign up for the email list at the top of the page - I don’t want you to miss any of the magic happening here.