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How Toast Can Change Your Life

If you are anything like my friends and family members who I have told about this business, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of…WHAT in the WHAT is toast art? Or get a REAL job, ya bum! And I get it, I really do. Which is why I wanted to spend my first post talking about the WHY of Younicorn Food.

It’s more than just a pretty toast.


Yes, the toast is pretty. Oh boy is it pretty. I love the colors, the textures, and the glitter - give me all the stars and glitter! The colors are found in nature, which is the best part honestly. Not only are they made by Mama Earth (do you cringe when you read that? Mama Earth? I love love LOVE it) but they are loaded with health benefits, which is why we add sprinkles, for balance amirite?

Okay, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s MORE than toast, so back to that.

Here’s the thing.

Taking time out of your day to do something creative for yourself is important. I really believe that. It’s so important, in fact, that I think it can change your life. How much can you spare? An hour? Twenty minutes? Five minutes? GREAT! I’ll take whatever ya got. Because just five minutes a day can help you connect with your SELF. Your higher self. Your inner self. Your what-makes-you-really-happy self. In just five minutes a day you can start saying, “Look at me, world! I live a creative life!” 


The most important thing to realize is that living a creative life doesn’t mean painting a mural on your ceiling, or taking dance classes, or renouncing all of your Earthly possessions to sell friendship bracelets around the world. It can mean dancing with your kids to Hakuna Matata, or cooking a dish that is really special to you, or putting on a facemask and listening to your favorite album. It can mean making art on toast to enjoy with a cup of tea, which, please try, it’s fab.

I know what you’re thinking. How is this exactly going to “change my life” you toast-eating weirdo?

Hold on to your butts, I’ll tell you!

You know those people that say, “I was so busy I forgot to eat lunch”? I am not that person. I have never been that person. I go to bed and wake up thinking about what I’m going to eat the next day. It’s a curse.

 Being in the zone of creativity is like that feeling of forgetting to eat, or so I imagine. You’re so into your creative self that you don’t need to eat! Or worry about your cellulite! Or what exactly is Keto and can somebody please explain it to me!


When you’re in the zone, during that five minutes you set aside, you let everything else fall away and you get to really truly align with yourself. It’s the ultimate way of charging your battery. It’s like a power nap on steroids. Really good stuff.

And then you start to notice little things throughout the day. Maybe you yell at your kids less, or find yourself laughing more. Your spouse becomes less annoying. The dishes are still there, of course, but it’s just not that big of a deal to wash them.

Then you find a minute or two extra to do something creative because you’re looking forward to it so much, and now you’ve got a compound effect going that can change the trajectory of your day and DARE I SAY even your life.

There’s more to it than that, naturally, but this is just the beginning.

The creative choice is not always the easy choice. For example, it’s much easier to sit on your duff and watch TV than it is to get all of your toast makin’ supplies out and stand in the kitchen to create. But one of those things feed your soul and the other, while not bad at all, just doesn’t.  

 At Younicorn Food I want us to strive to feed our body, mind, and creative spirit every day. I want to form a community of women who share the things in their life that light them up and connect them with their truest self. I want the students. The moms. The retired. The wanderers. I want to know what all of you are doing to live your creative life and I want to help you to elevate that to the stars.

I truly appreciate you visiting my site and putting eyes on this blog. Time is the most precious resource in our busy day-to-day so I thank you for spending some of it here with me. I truly hope that you spend some of it with your creativity today as well.